Relative dating of rock layers

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We march through this article, note the points made by the creationists, and show them to be at odds with reality.Finally, we attempt to understand how intelligent, good-willed folks like these YE creationists can continue to believe that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong in interpreting the geology of the Grand Canyon.

By presenting only partial truths, they have succeeded in misleading a large fraction of American evangelical Christians.Preface for blog: The first two-thirds of this essay deals with the rock formations of the Grand Canyon – what they are, and how and when they formed.This should be educational and understandable to readers without a science background.There is a cadre of YE creationists with scientific credentials who publish articles which claim that mainstream science is mistaken on matters such as the age of the earth.As a window into current YE creationist thinking on the subject, we use a recent (September 11, 2010) article in WORLD magazine.The last major section (“WHAT WERE THEY THINKING”) deals with the emotional issues and Bible interpretation regarding creation – some readers may want to go right to that section. To put it into Word for reading or printing out, copy and paste (as HTML) into Word.

To see what other essays are in this blog, go to README. INTRODUCTION AND OUTLINE The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a natural wonder, up to a mile deep and eighteen miles across.A schematic of the rock layers is shown above [from 1992 article by Andrew Snelling with].The lowermost layer shown is the Vishnu Complex, consisting of rocks that have been deeply buried, heated, and transformed (metamorphosed).Nearly all geologists understand these layers to have been deposited over the course of hundreds of millions of years.This essay starts with a tour of the Grand Canyon, noting evidence that shows the Canyon rocks are indeed very old.These students have been taught that their faith requires a literal interpretation of Bible passages which portray both a young earth and a world-wide deluge that reshaped the earth’s surface.

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