Rubidium 87 radioactive dating

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Rubidium 87 radioactive dating

Thus, if a sample had 100 Sr-86 atoms total, it could be assumed that 70 of the Sr-87 atoms were primordial.If the sample had 100 atoms of each isotope, we could assume that 70 of the Sr-87 atoms were primordial and 30 were produced by the decay of Rb-87.

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The slope of the isochron line gives the age of the rock.Nevertheless, rubidium does bond ionically, unlike argon.So it is possible for rubidium to diffuse out of place.The initial Rb-Sr ratio turns out to be very informative.Rocks derived directly from the mantle have ratios around 0.705 or less.Rubidium has a 1 charge as a cation versus the 2 or strontium, and a larger ionic radius.

So the two elements are not entirely chemically compatible.

Rocks derived from recycling of crustal material are derived from sources that have had time to accumulate radiogenic Sr-87, and can have initial ratios of 0.710 or greater.

Rubidium is directly below potassium in the periodic table, while strontium is directly below calcium.

Rubidium is a soft, silvery-white metallic element of the alkali metal group, with a standard atomic weight of 85.4678.

Elemental rubidium is highly reactive, with properties similar to those of other alkali metals, including rapid oxidation in air.

Where the isochron crosses the vertical axis corresponds to a hypothetical sample with no rubidium at all.

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