Sedating a dog when traveling

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Sedating a dog when traveling - Dating flirt chatting 2013

The manufacturer claims it calms down 80 percent of dogs, and there’s a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

(My former dog once broke her paw trying to escape her crate mid-flight.) It doesn’t help that planes are so loud and certain pets have noise-anxiety anyway—in other words, they experience extreme fear when they hear thunder, fireworks, or gunshots—which makes flying even more stressful for them. Should you resort to pharmaceutical solutions if your vet is inclined that way?Dog trainers will tell you that the first line of treatment for separation anxiety and other pet fears should be to step up the training.Pharmaceuticals should only be used as a last resort, if all else fails, and they’re only useful to make the pet more receptive to training.So many dogs flip into panic when left by themselves, and the result can be most unpleasant for the owner who returns home after an outing sans dog to chewed furniture, accidents on the floor, howling and barking that neighbors complain about.Studies show that 20 percent of young dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and up to 50 percent of senior dogs.1,2 This type of anxiety gets ratcheted up tenfold for pets who have to travel by air.This, they say, rewires the pet’s anxiety reaction to your departure cues, teaching the dog to stay calm instead of escalating into panic when you’re going somewhere.

Trainers also sometimes endorse desensitization techniques like having the dog stay alone in one room while you’re in the next, then gradually introducing more distance—the dog stays downstairs when you go upstairs, and so forth.

Tranquilizers slow heart beat and respiration, and in flight, when the cabins become pressurized, these effects become even more pronounced so that the pet can die from what would have been an acceptable dose on the ground.6 Even proponents of veterinary pharmaceuticals usually admit that the drugs shouldn’t be used long term, and that they should only be used to calm the pet enough to make training possible.

Before you resort to drugs, you should know that there are alternatives that are less dangerous that might be attempted first, even if the Thundershirt didn’t work.

For instance, many dogs respond to aromatherapy better than their human counterparts. I saw this firsthand when I doused my dog’s collar and kennel with essential oils before a plane trip.

This was the same dog who broke her paw trying to escape the cage on an earlier trip, but with the essential oils, she remained astonishingly calm. Homeopathy also works well for many pets, as do many herbal solutions. Just Google “natural anti-anxiety for pets” and you’ll discover a world of possibilities.

Various things can set off pet anxiety, most notably being alone.

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