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Raising the Roof is shifting its focus to homelessness prevention programs supporting at-risk youth, 15 years and younger.The heartbreaking reality is that for many, the street sometimes feels like the only escape from a conflicted home.

And up to 22,000 older set-top boxes stopped working yesterday after changes to the frequencies used to broadcast 50 TV channels and 20 radio stations to rooftop aerials.We think that great creativity can get people to think and behave differently, and our work for Raising the Roof is a perfect example of this kind of work.Despite tiny budgets, we’ve found ways to make an impact, and create greater understanding of homelessness in Canada.The retune means the channel position of some stations has changed.They are still available, but users must seek them out.Freeview said retuning set-top boxes and TVs should be relatively simple.

But consumers contacting Mail Online identified confusion and a number of problems, particularly for the elderly.Visitors to uk yesterday morning were met with a message saying the website was unavailable due to high amounts of traffic and users should refer to their manual or instructions below.A Freeview spokesman said: 'We are taking measures to increase capacity, and the speed with which retuning guides can be downloaded.' She added that viewers can also get advice from their Freeview manuals, family and friends, local retailers and the TV retune helpline on 08456 051122.Our radio and “Holiday Card” direct campaign set out to get people thinking differently about where homelessness really starts, and how Raising the Roof is stepping up to address that.Raising the Roof is dedicated to preventing homelessness.Raising the Roof, an organization that seeks sustainable, long-term solutions for the homeless, wanted to stop people in their tracks and get them to consider the plight of the homeless.