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The original form of the law, which would have moved the 9th grade to middle school, was never implemented.

to 3 p.m., with one snack and one meal) and a long schedule (typically 8 a.m.

Kindergarten typically lasts for 3 forms – "small group" (grupa mică) for children aged 3–4, "middle group" (grupa mijlocie), for children aged 4–5, and "big group" (grupa mare) for children aged 5–6.

The "preparatory school year" (clasa pregătitoare) is for children aged 6–7, and since it became compulsory in 2012, it usually takes place at school.

Originally, the communist regime lowered compulsory education to 4 years, but with a strong enforcement.

Next they increased it gradually to 7, 8 and ultimately 10 years.

After the 1989 revolution, compulsory education was lowered again to 8 years.

The new government cited as reasons the poor quality of education, high strain on the state budget, and inflation of diplomas.Higher education is aligned onto the European Higher Education Area.In addition to the formal system of education, to which was recently added the equivalent private system, there is also a system of tutoring, semi-legal and informal.All kindergartens provide at least one meal or one snack, some having their own kitchens and their own cooks, others opting for dedicated catering services.Many kindergartens (especially the private ones) provide children with transportation to and from the 5–6 p.m., with three snacks and one meal, and almost always including after lunch sleeping periods).

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