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She greeted me asking "Hi Sophie, why the sad face?"I took my head out of my hands, tried to smile and explained "Having a shit day, the factory has just closed; me and these other guys are the last of the farewell party, some fucking party; all two hundred of us out of work and only a handful with other jobs lined up; thanks for the drink though, like to sit with me?

Get stripped off and I will get a carrier bag for your dirty stuff."She didn't wait for a reply but headed off probably for the bag.I turned to see Tracy doubled up in hysterics, bitch!Once her physically shaking mirth had subsided she offered "I think a change of plan is needed Sophie, you cannot possibly go on like that.My place is just five minutes away; tell you what, come back to mine and get cleaned up and I will give you something to wear while I put your stuff through the washer, and I will take you for something to eat while it dries, my treat; it's only just after six, we have all night to get you sorted."By now I was starting to see the funny side of it too and I liked her offer, I couldn't see any better way of sorting myself out and so I took her up on it.We were soon at her place, a three floor old Georgian town house in a very well-to-do street; she has done well for herself.Tracy come back with a laundry bag in one hand and a large glass of something brown and alcoholic looking in the other. "You have certainly grown up since I last saw you naked, nice bod!

I don't like what you have done with your hair though; looks like you have been through a car wash!

She showed me into a spare bedroom on the third floor and through it to an en-suite bathroom "Sophie, please use this room as your own and relax and get yourself a shower."She handed me a plastic bag and added "Once stripped off just bag and throw your dirty stuff out onto the landing and I will bin it for you.

There is a hairdryer and mirror and brushes in the en-suite; a slight change of plan, we won't go out, I will order in a take-away for us later, give me a chance to tell you more about my secretary's vacancy and interview you; what clothes would you like me to leave out for you? I don't believe my luck; God must be shining on me today."Tracy, if you are really going to interview me then I want to wear whatever will get me through that interview with gold stars and merits, so you choose.

"I took the glass off her, blushing at that memory again."I am putting your stuff straight in the washer so come on; I can see they are wet too, off with them."My underwear? I quickly thought and replied "Oh, these are just old things on my final wear; if I can have a shower I will just bin these things and travel back commando fashion; won't be the first time."A flicker of a smile crossed her face and she asked "Okay, if you are sure? Okay, but no sitting on my furniture in those dirty wet things." She headed off to the washer and I meandered into her lounge and had a look around as I nursed my drink, tasted like straight Brandy.

Tracy returned with a drink for herself and showed me around her place, a truly fantastic house the like of which I could only ever dream of owning.

She topped our drinks up again and took me upstairs to show me the rest of the house.

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    A perfect place to hold hands across the table and gaze in to each other’s eyes. The city also offers you the celeb hangout Manchester House and within the iconic Midland Hotel you will find The French and also Mr Cooper’s House and Garden.