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Our son had so much more confidence, got out of his comfort zone, had different things to talk about for weeks and good things to remember, and more motivation when he got back.We still make goals for him to look forward to each year that involves getting away.

Even if they are only able to getaway overnight at camps that are no cost.

What do you think is going on for Jacob, and how could those around him best support him? Both parents don’t seem to have any plan for him nor does the teen seem to have goals to look forward to. all normal things to expect, but it’s obvious he is experiencing the in - between boy moods to adulthood, and he has ‘no guide lines’ to help him transition into his new phase of life.

He needs perhaps an outdoor pursuit interaction and a different challenge in life to make him see though fresh eyes with his biological dad, if not at least the step dad he has with him now.

Meet Jacob, a 17-year-old who’s trying to maintain a relationship with his biological father and butting heads with his mother.

His behaviour escalates and he begins to challenge the household rules.

The parents of my grandson have done everything in their power for him.

Although I’ve never been in the same situation, I definitely have experienced this sort of family environment growing up.

As stereotypical as it sounds, the feeling of being confined is common with teenagers in a household.

In my opinion, it’s neither the family’s fault nor the teenagers. We get to this stage where we desire independence, but we still need guidance. Of course, the person we become as a result, will be largely be due to our upbringing.

But one must plan and want to be a part of life, and search for a challenge in life to keep them interested in life itself, and make it an expectation for them to go.

At least he has a male figure at home, many kids, boys don’t. The daunting responsibilities of being an adult is forever, while being young goes so quickly.

Every family has different challenges to overcome, and different ways of dealing with those challenges.