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With either of these visas you are also allowed to work in the Philippines!The only requirement is that once per year (in January/February) you are required to check-in at the Bureau of Immigration office.

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Their relationships are just as healthy and Christ-centered as those who met in more traditional ways. If your spouse is a Philippine Citizen, or a former Citizen of the Philippines, you can qualify.No need to leave the country from time to time, no need to go to the Immigration office ever 2 months, etc.If anyone does not respect that, then drop them like a bad habit. Get Real: You cannot “fall in love” with someone you have never met in person.You can establish admiration, common interest, etc; but you should not get too emotionally involved with someone you have only chatted/texted/emailed with.For those who wish to post a comment on this topic: I welcome comments, but please don’t insist that I’m wrong because you are “in love” with someone you’ve been chatting with.

I’ve already responded to this argument multiple times.

In addition to applying for the visa in your home country, you can also apply after you arrive in the Philippines, but I would strongly recommend that you do the application before coming to the Philippines. When you apply for your resident visa, if your spouse is a Philippine Citizen you will be applying for a 13(a) visa.

Doing it here involves a lot of hassles, extra paperwork, takes months to process, and will probably require some extra money on this end. If your spouse is a former Citizen you will be applying for a 13(g) visa.

Let me give you a few tips regarding textmates and chatmates.

This advice goes for establishing any kind of relationship (friendship, romance, etc).

I am able to make a lot of friends and ministry connections through this blog, email, friendster, myspace, etc (I’m also able to get in touch with friends that I met long ago).

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