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If your spouse is a Philippine Citizen, or a former Citizen of the Philippines, you can qualify.No need to leave the country from time to time, no need to go to the Immigration office ever 2 months, etc.

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It is not necessarily any better or worse than any other way (it simply has its own advantages and disadvangtages).

With either of these visas you are also allowed to work in the Philippines!

The only requirement is that once per year (in January/February) you are required to check-in at the Bureau of Immigration office.

This new technology has given us some interesting options and dilemmas in terms of relationships.

This leads to an equally interesting question: is texting/chatting a healthy way to meet people?

I am able to make a lot of friends and ministry connections through this blog, email, friendster, myspace, etc (I’m also able to get in touch with friends that I met long ago).

I do have friends (great friends) that I initially met through the internet.

You just don’t know if you get along with someone unless you meet them face-to-face.

Keep an Active Social Life: It is fine if you use technology to meet people.

For those who wish to post a comment on this topic: I welcome comments, but please don’t insist that I’m wrong because you are “in love” with someone you’ve been chatting with.

I’ve already responded to this argument multiple times.

It is not fine for your social life to be limited to staring at a computer screen. better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away” –Proverbs ). Remember you are still more likely to meet new friends (or even that “special someone”) through traditional ways (meeting at church, a social event, etc).