Sex dating in bloomington indiana

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Sex dating in bloomington indiana

Kinsey sold it to the fledgling institution for $1, providing the core around which the current collections have grown.The archives contain correspondence, manuscripts, unpublished materials and more, available for scholarly research.

Please contact the library in advance of your visit to confirm admittance, dates and times of visits, and collection use.

Note: Some materials are stored off-site, while others are restricted. It is essential to our individual and collective well-being.

Your support will help ensure the historical preservation of our library and collections and also give a diverse field of researchers continued access to the resources they need to make new discoveries.

The Kinsey Institute Collections encompass print materials, film and video, fine art, artifacts, photography, and archives.

The Institute has collected publications, objects, art, and data from six continents.

These videos cover the following areas: Heterosexual and Homosexual Erotica, Sex Education and Therapy, Transgender, and Sadomasochism/Bondage.

Learn more about film & video at the Kinsey Any qualified researcher may request access, including Indiana University students and faculty, as well as non-affiliated scholars and professionals.

Among the archival collections are the papers of Dr.

Alfred Kinsey and the records of the Institute as well as papers of Masters & Johnson, John Money, Harry Benjamin, and Thomas N.

The policy applies regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status and citizenship status.

It applies to relationships among peers as well as to superior-subordinate relationships.

The collections contain a variety of formats including super 8, 8mm, 16mm and 35mm.