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BDSM Dating is not just for individuals interested in the BDSM lifestyle; we also list contacts with other common ( and not so common ) kinky fetishes and sex fantasies.

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She The dankprofessor welcomes input from blog readers.During his 35 years as a professor and four years as an in-residence grad student at the University of Wisconsin, he openly engaged in propinquitous (as in propinquity) dating, dating students and having many wonderful friendships with many of his students and their families.During his early years in academia he married the daughter of a professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Wisconsin. His wife, Henrietta, who he met when she was a student in one of his classes, passed away in 2015.Guest commentaries should be sent to the same email address for consideration for blog publication.The dankprofessor is available for campus/class presentations on sexual politics in higher education.This despite the fact that Daphne Patai may be the only one (besides me) to read and enjoy it; I hope you will too.

The dankprofessor blog is devoted to the love of knowledge and to the knowledge of love.David Cass, University of Pennsylvania economics professor is one of the very few professors who has publicly defended his rights to privacy and association in the context of his being persecuted by the UPENN administration for having engaged in a consensual relationship with a former student, Claudia Stachel.Claudia Stachel publicly joined Dave Cass in protesting the actions of the UPENN administration.Welcome to the biggest online community of fetish sex lovers, submissives, and doms online consisting of over 1 million kinky members.It really doesn't matter whether or not you're an experienced participant in the bondage lifestyle.Thie blog reflects a commitment to the values of liberty, freedom of association, freedom of speech and privacy; such are values that are under increasing attack, both intellectually and policy wise in all too many universities which have embraced a culture of comfort in the framework of a velvet totalitarianism.

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