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The nominees received are reviewed by Special Agents in the CID and the Office of Public Affairs.The selection of the “proposed” candidate(s) is then forwarded to FBI Executive Management for final approval. First, the individual must have a lengthy record of committing serious crimes and/or be considered a particularly dangerous menace to society due to current criminal charges. Gerena 12/15/2016 1968………………..33Victor Manuel Gerena Dates: 5/14/84 - 12/15/16Billie Austin Bryant Dates: 1/8/69 - 1/8/69 (Special Addition)Katherine Ann Power Dates: 10/17/70 - 6/15/84Thomas J.

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Networks are airing television programs on FBI fugitives, and ABC Radio Network broadcasts the weekly series “FBI, This Week.” As a result of the first episode of “America’s Most Wanted,” David James Roberts was captured.

The FBI recognizes the need for public assistance in tracking fugitives.

One hundred and sixty-one of the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitive” apprehensions have been the result of citizen recognition of “Ten Most Wanted Fugitive” publicity.

Third, they no longer fit “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” criteria. Internet...........................4 Television.......................28 Radio...............................2 Newspapers...................33 Magazines.....................13 Wanted Notices.............49 Total.............................129NCIC Hits.......................2Other: Found Deceased...........14 Nick George Montos Dates: 09/08/52 - 08/23/54 03/02/56 - 03/28/56Edward Sanford Garrison Dates: 10/26/53 - 11/03/53 03/04/59 - 09/09/60Ernest Tait Dates: 07/11/51 - 07/12/51 08/16/60 - 09/10/60Quay C.

In the nine cases where fugitives were removed for the third reason, it was determined that each fugitive was no longer considered to be a “particularly dangerous menace to society.” When a fugitive is removed from the list, another is added to take his or her place. Kilburn Dates: 04/16/58 - 06/02/58 03/23/64 - 06/25/64Joseph Lloyd Thomas Dates: 10/21/59 - 12/10/59 09/12/69 - 03/08/70James Earl Ray Dates: 04/20/68 - 06/08/68 06/11/77 - 06/13/77 Ruth Eismann-Schier Dates: 12/28/68 - 03/05/69Marie Dean Arrington Dates: 05/29/69 - 12/22/71Angela Yvonne Davis Dates: 08/18/70 - 10/13/70Bernardine Rae Dohrn Dates: 10/14/70 - 12/07/73Katherine Ann Power Dates: 10/17/70 - 06/15/84Susan Edith Saxe Dates: 10/17/70 - 03/27/75Donna Jean Willmott Dates: 05/22/87 - 12/6/94Shauntay L.

Therefore, the program relies heavily on publicity from coast to coast.

“Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” have been apprehended in every state except Alaska, Maine, and Delaware. The first person to be placed on the list was Thomas James Holden, wanted for the murder of his wife, her brother, and her stepbrother.What is the purpose of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” Program?How many women have been on the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list? The first, Ruth Eisemann-Schier, was added in 1968 for kidnapping, extortion, and other crimes. Henderson Dates: 03/31/07 - 03/31/07Brenda Delgado Dates: 04/06/16 - 04/08/16Shanika S. Veney Dates: 2/25/65 - 3/11/65 Earl Veney Dates: 3/5/65 - 3/11/65Charles E.Has the makeup of the fugitives on the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list changed over the years? Minor Dates: 06/28/16 - 07/01/16 Alabama 11Alaska 0Arizona 10Arkansas 5California 58Colorado 8Connecticut 4Delaware 1Florida 22Georgia 18Hawaii 0Idaho 3Illinois 38Indiana 13Iowa 4Kansas 13Kentucky 9Louisiana 7Maine 5Maryland 19Massachusetts 15Michigan 20Minnesota 5Mississippi 5Missouri 11Montana 2Nebraska 2Nevada 6New Hampshire 1New Jersey 10New Mexico 4New York 33North Carolina 9North Dakota 0Ohio 21Oklahoma 7Oregon 7Pennsylvania 20Rhode Island 0South Carolina 3South Dakota 2Tennessee 19Texas 16Utah 5Vermont 1Virginia 8Washington 10West Virginia 3Wisconsin 8Wyoming 2Washington, DC 14 TOTAL 517 Alabama 3Alaska 0Arizona 12Arkansas 5California 62Colorado 11Connecticut 3Delaware 0Florida 32Georgia 8Hawaii 2Idaho 2Illinois 32Indiana 6Iowa 3Kansas 5Kentucky 5Louisiana 11Maine 0Maryland 11Massachusetts 9Michigan 11Minnesota 6Mississippi 5Missouri 14Montana 2Nebraska 2Nevada 10New Hampshire 3New Jersey 5New Mexico 2New York 40North Carolina 5North Dakota 1Ohio 16Oklahoma 5Oregon 4Pennsylvania 16Rhode Island 2South Carolina 4South Dakota 1Tennessee 9Texas 16Utah 1Vermont 1Virginia 7Washington 8West Virginia 1Wisconsin 5Wyoming 4Washington, DC 3 TOTAL 431 David James Roberts Dates: 4/27/87 - 2/11/88 Pedro Luis Estrada Dates: 4/15/88 - 10/1/89 Jack Darrell Farmer Dates: 5/29/88 - 6/1/88 Roger Lee Jones Dates: 5/29/88 - 3/4/89 Steven Ray Stout Dates: 11/27/88 - 12/6/88 Stanley Faison Dates: 11/27/88 - 12/24/88Armando Garcia Dates: 1/8/89 - 1/18/94 Lee Nell Carter Dates: 11/19/89 - 11/20/89 Wardell David Ford Dates: 12/20/89 - 9/17/90 Leslie Isben Rogge Dates: 1/24/90 - 5/18/96 Rickey Allen Bright Dates: 12/15/95 - 1/7/96 Tony Ray Amati Dates: 2/21/98 - 2/27/98 Harry Joseph Bowman Dates: 3/14/98 - 6/7/99 Eric Franklin Rosser Dates: 12/27/00 - 8/21/01 Michael Scott Bliss Dates: 1/31/02 - 4/23/02 Chaunson Lavel Mc Kibbins Dates: arrested 10/29/04 (before release date of 11/9/04) Michael Jason Registe Dates: 7/26/08 – 8/27/08 Bobby Gene Dennie Dates: 2/24/89 - 10/28/89Kenneth Robert Stanton Dates: 10/24/90 - 10/31/90 Leslie Isben Rogge Dates: 1/24/90 - 5/18/96Richard Steve Goldberg Dates: 6/14/02 - 5/12/07Terry A. Ervin Dates: 4/13/67 - 7/25/67 Gordon Dale Ervin Dates: 4/13/67 - 6/7/69Dwight Alan Armstrong Dates: 9/4/70 - 4/1/76 Karleton Lewis Armstrong Dates: 9/4/70 - 2/17/72Charles Earl Hammond Dates: 3/14/85 - 8/4/86 Michael F. Hammond Dates: 3/14/85 - 8/4/86 Click the links below to see the number, name, date placed on the list, and the date located for the the FBI's complete list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.How many fugitives have been captured due to public assistance?