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The eastern half of Montana is characterized by western prairie terrain and badlands.

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See also: List of monocotyledons of Montana, List of coniferous plants of Montana, List of lichens of Montana, List of amphibians and reptiles of Montana, List of birds of Montana, Fish of Montana, Mammals of Montana, and List of taxa described from Montana Vegetation of the state includes lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine; Douglas fir, larch, spruce; aspen, birch, red cedar, hemlock, ash, alder; rocky mountain maple and cottonwood trees.

The Pend Oreille River forms the outflow of Lake Pend Oreille.

The Pend Oreille River joined the Columbia River, which flows to the Pacific Ocean—making the 579-mile (932 km) long Clark Fork/Pend Oreille (considered a single river system) the longest river in the Rocky Mountains.

Other significant economic activities include oil, gas, coal and hard rock mining, lumber, and the fastest-growing sector, tourism.

The name Montana was added to a bill by the United States House Committee on Territories, which was chaired at the time by Rep.

The Northern Divide turns east in Montana at Triple Divide Peak, causing the Waterton River, Belly, and Saint Mary rivers to flow north into Alberta.

There they join the Saskatchewan River, which ultimately empties into Hudson Bay.

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Forests cover approximately 25 percent of the state.

Flowers native to Montana include asters, bitterroots, daisies, lupins, poppies, primroses, columbine, lilies, orchids, and dryads.

East and north of this transition zone are the expansive and sparsely populated Northern Plains, with tableland prairies, smaller island mountain ranges, and badlands.

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