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Users can set their location anywhere they want if they need to line up dates before traveling; they can also keep their location totally private.

The app is available in over fifteen languages including Korean, Russian, and Swedish.His secure PGP fingerprint is 2353 DB68 8AA6 92BD 67B8 94DF 37D8 0A6F D70B 7211 Contact J. Summary: Today at a press conference with Republican leaders, Speaker Ryan discussed House efforts to confront and eradicate sexual harassment in Congress.Whether it’s as a former staffer or now as a member, walking into this Capitol building, I cannot tell you how each and every day I just feel the honor, the opportunity, and the privilege it is to work in such a place.That’s how so many people feel.“But the fact that some people walking these halls are subjected to a threatening or hostile work environment, when they came here to serve their country—to serve their ideals? That’s a disgrace.“We cannot, and we will not, tolerate that kind of behavior. Barbara Comstock’s legislation we’re doing this week is important.It requires lawmakers, staff, and interns to complete mandatory training in workplace rights and responsibilities each session of each Congress.“This is an important first step as we deal with this problem.

I also want to highlight the fact that Chairman Harper’s committee is going to be doing a hearing next week on the settlements issue.

The Senate is now considering their legislation this week.

It’s a historic opportunity.“This is a tax cut for the typical family at every single income level.

Of course, being the most popular doesn't always mean you're the best.

Most popular in: USA, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Bahrain, Australia, France, Indonesia This app markets itself as "the global network for meeting gay men." Features: Allows users to find men by proximity, see who has checked their profiles, buy and send gifts, and browse through profiles.

Features: Users are grouped into "tribes" and can browse profiles of users in their area.

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