Sex gal nairobi

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Sex gal nairobi

The outrage has not stopped the racket from attracting tens of copy cat groups online.The young entrepreneur noticed beautiful, and educated, girls were willing to do anything to caress wealth, and the demand from loaded men is overwhelming.

But the problem with today’s kids is that their parents are idiots too.As insurance, this breed of Nairobi gal has a clutch of boyfriends; one who pays her house rent, another for her trendy clothes and hair, another who takes her to exotic hideouts…. No previous generation has been so well informed, unexcited, and detached towards this sacred act.Still in the end you’ll hear her bitterly complaining. We now have jaded 20 year olds complaining about men and relationships in the numerous morning talk shows as if they are 45 year veterans. Divorce rates are high among the young and educated.Under the cover of darkness these men prowl like leopards.Knowing well that these young felines exist only in their immediate world.Ironically, the HIV infection rate among married couples, rich men, and, gals is way above the national average. They now use money as a tool to hook up with women which has seen ordinary blokes with modest means being pushed out of the ‘market.’ Once a lady sexually succumbs to his wiles because she likes/ loves him, the idiot then dips into his pockets and hands her a boggling sum of money in the morning.

When a simple natural act of love can make a lot of money pop out like this, the innocent young lady gets an idea. This woman now defines success by the designer labels on the clothes she wears, the car she drives, her picket fence neighborhood, the company she keeps, and whatever they do as part of that company. Society has consistently ignored the boy-child for decades as it concentrated on the girl-child.

These days there’s no romance and most men are not willing to go the romance way because they say the typical Nairobi gal is a slut. When this young ladies look up to their role models, the professional woman making waves in the media and industry, they find she’s a serial bed-hopper.

Busy in an adulterous world called mpango wa kando (married men and women with a side dish).

Men with money to burn are into orgies, escort girls, group sex and some other fantastic things that a female body can offer.

Let’s not blame these poor guys; they are simply overwhelmed.

Legs are spreading wide faster than the government’s lies.

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