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It is clear that he has often been guilty of perjury.

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He was able to make his way in 1244 to Lyons, which was outside the direct authority of the emperor, and there proclaimed a council.Indeed it is likely enough that he took the oath, as can be clearly gathered from his following actions, with the express intention of mocking rather than obeying us and the church, since after more than a year he could not be reconciled to the bosom of the church, nor did he trouble to make satisfaction for the losses and injuries he had caused it, even though he was asked to do this.For this reason, as we are unable without giving offence to Christ to bear any longer his wickedness, we are compelled, urged on by our conscience, justly to punish him.Likewise, as is said, after he had been elected to that same dignity and had come to Rome, in the presence of Innocent and his brother cardinals and before many others, he renewed that oath, making his pledge of hommage in the pope’s hands.Then, when he was in Germany he swore to the same Innocent, and on his death to our predecessor Pope Honorius of happy memory and his successors and the Roman church itself, in the presence of the princes and nobles of the empire, to preserve as far as was in his power, the honours, rights and possessions of the Roman church, and loyally to protect them, and without difficulty to see to the restoration of whatever came into his hands, expressly naming the said possessions in the oath: afterwards he confirmed this when he had gained the imperial crown.When the council opened on , in a meeting which was probably only preparatory, there were present three patriarchs and about 150 bishops besides other religious and secular persons, among whom was the Latin emperor of Constantinople.

Emperor Frederick II sent a legation headed by Thaddaeus of Suessa.He also personally caused the arrest of our venerable brother Otto , bishop of Porto, at that time cardinal deacon of Saint Nicholas in Carcere Tulliano, and James of happy memory, bishop of Palestrina , legates of the apostolic see, noble and important members of the Roman church.He had them stripped of all their goods, and after more than once being led shamefully through different places, committed to prison.This collection consists of 22 constitutions, all of which are of a legal nature, and was sent to the universities by Innocent IV on 25 August 1245 (Coll. A second collection of 12 decrees was published by Innocent IV on 21 April 1246 (Coll. I), containing two constitutions (18 and 22) which are absent from the other versions, but lacking the constitutions not directly concerned with the law (R 13-17). I, as such, has never been edited; but there exists both an indirect transmission (Coll. III, Liber Sextus) and a direct, single-family transmission through eight manuscript codices: Arras, Bibl. There are three copies of the bull: Vatican Archives, AA. I-XVIII, 171 (= V); Paris, Archives Nationales, L 245 no. Because the restitution of the prelates, clerics and all others whom he kept in captivity, and of all both clerics and laymen whom he had taken in the galleys7, could especially lead the way to peace, we asked and begged him through our said ambassadors to set these prisoners free.Indeed, the origins of the constitutions must be placed before the council, as is shown by an earlier version of constitutions M 13, 15 and 19, antedating the council. Municipale 541; Bratislava, formerly Cathedral Library, 13; Innsbruck, Universitaetsbibl., 70, fos. This both he and his envoys had promised before we had been called to the apostolic office.Enthusiasm for the Gregorian reform movement seems to have died down completely. We think, moreover, that the last five constitutions in R (13-17, 17 is also in M and Annales de Burton) should also be included among the constitutions of the council, even though they were not included in Coil. We have printed the text of these five constitutions from the register of Innocent IV;as regards const. Indeed since the terrible conflict of war has afflicted some countries of the christian world for a long time, as we desired with our whole heart the peace and tranquillity of the holy church of God and of all the christian people in general, we thought that we should send special ambassadors, men of great authority, to the secular prince who was the special cause of this discord and suffering.

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