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As more US police departments roll out body-worn cameras, getting officers to keep the cameras on during critical incidents, such as the use of excessive force situations, is proving to be a challenge.

The body-worn policies of three of the departments were unclear or unavailable on their websites.He says that they are trying to understand what the best practices are for the cameras and find a balance between using the cameras and protecting privacy.Some of the more controversial police departments, such as the Baltimore City Police department, whose officers were charged in April 2015 for killing 25-year-old Freddie Gray, have open investigations into officers failing to turn on or off their body-worn cameras.Marlow said that police departments needed to clearly outline those situations in their policy manuals and hold officers accountable for failing to record critical events.He cited an April 2015 case in San Diego, California, where a San Diego Police Officer shot and killed Fridoon Rashawn Nehad, a mentally ill man, but the officer did not turn on his body-worn camera.However, only seven out 22 police districts in the city have body-worn cameras according to Chicago police spokesman Frank Giancamilli.

He says that body cameras are still new in law enforcement.

She said that officer personnel records are exempt from public records according to California law.

Since police personnel records are not available to the public in most states, holding police departments accountable for disciplining officers who don't follow their department's body-worn camera policy is difficult.

Civil rights campaigners say police departments are accepting officers' claims at face value - that they didn't have time to turn on their body cameras; that the cameras fell off, or suddenly malfunctioned during critical incidents - including situations where excessive force might have been used.

"Police officers, of all people, know that laws that have no consequences, have no value," Marlow said.

Browder was issued with a written reprimand, but was neither docked pay, suspended nor compelled to undergo any additional training.

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