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“But I want to be honest with you and tell you a little bit more about how I actually physically feel and give you some more information about birthmarks.” Yussef then details what she goes through on a daily basis with her nevus, or birthmark, like having her back covered in “thicker and more dense” hair that she can’t remove, the constant itching and the increased risk of melanoma.

In most of her posts, she discusses body-positivity and kindness.Honeymooners flock to Bora Bora, Tahiti (aka “Romantic Island”) to experience the ultimate vacation in paradise.Most of the beaches here are private, but Matira Beach is open to the public.“I’m tired of being bullied and hiding from people and from all these clothes that I wear at summer,” Yussef tells Yahoo Lifestyle.“I just asked myself why people react at me like that, and the answer was — they didn’t know what it is, some are just curious in positive way, but lot of people think that I could infect them!After a few hours of sunbathing, we suggest retiring to a rustic but comfortable bungalow over the water.

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Yulianna Yussef was born with congenital melanocytic nevus, a disorder that leaves much of her body covered in painful birthmarks.

So, what's the secret to making a long-distance marriage work? We don't go longer than two weeks without seeing each other," she tells us. "Just another part of my brand building." WATCH: Cheryl Tiegs Blasts 'Sports Illustrated' for Putting Ashley Graham on Swimsuit Cover: 'Glamorizing' Full-Figured Women Is Not Healthy shoot features Graham in various stages of undress or donning sexy lingerie, and the brunette beauty admits she's actually OK being Photoshopped -- to an extent."I see a lot of the photos that go onto the screen, the raw images, and we talk about not Photoshopping this and, 'Oh, can you take that zit off of my face away? "I believe in a little bit, but when you're reconstructing my body, when you're reshaping my hips and my thighs and you're taking certain cellulite away -- Hello! There is a tasteful way to do it."Instead, Graham is all about fitness and moderation."I am a believer to try it all, eat it all, but I just don't overdo it," she advises. "French fries and mac and cheese, in the same meal," she says with a laugh.