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Shawn johnson and ryan edwards dating - kristin san francisco dating men

Also I did not like the constant interruption on the speakers, very loud in my headsets and difficult to watch a movie on tiny screens. Coming back was okay, fly attendants were nice everything was good. Going to Mexico, I ask for a glass of water and the fly attendant ignored me and she did not come back.The crew members seemed very bossy and uncaring, if not actually rude. I know she heard me, she gave a drink to the other passenger Nothing, maybe except for the price (which was a little cheaper than most other airlines flying to my destination).

No one was in my row, so I had the opportunity to lay down and stretch out! So I brought it to the attention of one of the crew members, and I felt like she made fun of me in front of other passengers for not liking my tray dirty; and she got a little paper towel for serving, wet it with a bottled water, and wiped my tray quickly. AIR FRANCE is so much better when it comes to customer service! Staff ok, not particularly helpful or child-friendly. In addition having cup o noodles and buzz balls as a choice sucks. No matter how small you are you will be touching shoulder to shoulder. Since it was an overnight flight they should have offered coffee and tea in the morning.

Even though I presented a valid handicap sticker to the front desk, they treated me as though I was some kid who stole it from my grandma or something when I asked to board early. I asked a question and he acted as though I was bothering him.

Crew was friendly- organized everything well as far as getting everyone seated quickly and handing out refreshments Very little leg room for anyone over five feet six inches! spacious comfortable seats I waited in line at Virgin Australia for 35 minutes only to be told that I was actually on a Delta flight even though my itinerary said Virgin Australia. I'm not afraid of flying but imagine someone who is.

The Peruvian airport offered me a hotel room i turned down.

Peruvian gentleman on the plane just prior to landing was telling me how dangerous it is in Peru in the area surrounding the airport. They don't allow us to carry any of them in the cabin and 1 arrived broken. Purchase directly from Viva Colombia website or not at all.

The airport in Panama City is AWFUL, HORRIBLE, the absolute WORST. He asked me whether he could remain in my seat given his discomfort in the seat to which he was reassigned, which was a middle seat.

I could have said no, but it was clear that it made most sense for me to sit in the middle seat (the window seat was already taken and it would have been a tight fit otherwise).

good thing I was early to airport or I would of missed my flight because I had to go find Delta check in Got to fly on the a brand new 737-900 and had plenty of room to fit my laptop so I could work. Plastic plates in business class not Ok I liked that I made it to my destination safely. They would have had the heard crew making jokes about how many near crashes they've seen when taking off. Carry on luggage the normal size, you have to pay for.

Friendly crew, didn't feel like a farm animal being herded on to a transport to be taken to slaughter like I do on other airlines. the business class had broken equipment; my seat belt got stuck and I had to relocate 2. The attendant closing the doors said I'm about to close the doors if you have a problem with it Catch me outside how bout dat. So make sure you pay ahead or you will pay 0 at the gate. The landing was perfect; I didn’t know we were on the ground.

In a nut shell, not worth the extra money that was paid.

Food was good Part of my poor experience was because of lack of knowledge of the staff. Our destination was Quito Ecuador with a connection in Mexico city.

They won't print your ticket at the check in counter and you can't use an online boarding pass. The seats are incredibly cramped yet they recline all the way back, so you're likely to have someone in your lap for the entire trip. Nothing like other high quality discount airlines such as Air Asia which at least treat you like a human being. I rang the call button to see if a flight attendant would come and maybe help me.

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