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If there were other gay players, however, they would cut him in a heartbeat if he didn't fit into their plan.regarding Beckham, wasn't there a rumour that the "Mistresses" stuff was really a cover for Victoria cheating with women? I definitely think Aaron Rodgers is gay, and he'll probably come out after he retires.Athletics wise, Kelly Holmes is so obviously gay, but I doubt she'll come out any time soon.

Maurice Greene's manager blabbed to a girlfriend about procuring young white boys for him to fuck and Tyson Gay being a one of the nicest guys in sport: a relationship-oriented bisexual who got burned a lot by the men he dated that he's recently started to restrict himself to women who aren't much better.r103 here and I just read my post.He actually seems a regular family guy, shocker, I know.I never really thought Beckham was guy I just had a crush on him because I thought he was cute.Was rumoured to have been fucking her training partner, the extremely butch Maria Mutola. One more thing, and I hate to say this because it panders to stereotypes, but are we sure that there are even that many gay (male) pro athletes?Other sports people who ping: Gina Carano - She looks like a female Brian Molko (I'm not complaining on that part lol); Ronda Rousey - Pronoun game type statements in interviews don't help; Adnan Januzaj - Maybe just because he's a hot twink, but he pings; Gerard Pique - Obviously lol; Jenny Jones / Aimme Fuller - British snowboarders - Maybe just because they are snowboarders, but during the olympics me and my closet lesbian friend were convinced they were fucking; Sports presenters / retired sports people: Troy Aikman - obvious; Rio Ferdinand - quite a few rumours about him; Garth Crooks (retired English soccer player, now a pundit) - Has had rumours for year; Doris Burke - Relatively amicably divorced pretty butch = obvious ping; Alison Mitchell (retired British field hockey player, now a cricket commentator) - Not sure why, just pings a bit. It seems likely that many who have the talent don't have the desire to deal with all the shit, and are weeded out.I'd prefer that than him outright lying about his sexuality. I don't think he'll face backlash from any of them.

The fans and endorsement deals are another issue though.r94 other players in the league hate him.After he retired he got married and had several children."Plenty of closeted gay or bi guys get married, whether they are athletes or not I think there are a lot of pro-gay athletes, OP. The NHL, however, seems to have zero gay athletes, retired or otherwise. One superstar hockey player in particular and not Sidney Crosby. He lived with his older manager for about ten years in Toronto. Before his retirement Lindros was about to be outted in the media. IIRC, I assumed at the time Curran was gay, but not that they were a couple. The only time Lindros was happy in his entire, miserable hockey career was junior hockey and his days with the Oshawa Generals.Lindros had a son this year, Carl Pierre, named for his father. If you're going further back in time, I know who you mean. Seguin is a known partier and probably drunk tweets. They were together years before though not living together and there were also rumors, involving a restaurant tiff between the two, of him and Mike Piazza when Lindros was in New York. Everything else in the guys hockey career was nothing but misery and disappointment. R85 I think some of the "problem" is that it's not unexpected these days for female athletes to be gay (especially in basketball and soccer, 5 of the starting 11 in the English WNT in soccer are gay, for example), but for men it's still seen as strange by some people that athletes would be gay. I think it's more likely there'll be a gay rookie.r17, they were very close on Lindros, but then he retired. At this point, it's known throughout the hockey world, and his value is strong enough to withstand the old guard homophobes. Shanahan went on and on about stressing his character, almost like he was vetting him. It will be a longtime before someone with the stature of Tom Daley, Ian Thorpe or Matthew Mitchum comes out in one of the Major sports. Became a sports analyst-I'm not surprised with his mouth. Ask about his mistresses to everybody who lives on LA. AFTER he left the NHL, when bearding wouldn't matter, he got married to a woman. A player that your average fan has not even heard of. Barnaby would fight, though, unlike Miss Turtle Queen.Gay (and fucked up about it) but I'd rather not claim him.