Situk dating

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Situk dating

The Akwe provides great fishing from June until October.Big feisty Kings (Chinooks) and finicky Sockeye (Reds) are available in the late spring, early summer and aggressive Silvers in the late summer.

Fishing is still good, but the weather takes a turn for the worse at this time, and the river becomes to dangerous to continue floating.The river runs with and a little bit muddy and swollen water. The water level goes down a little bit but it was too high.The possibility of thunder, lightning and heavy water from above and plenty water in the river – these are not the best feeling conditions. Nymphing in a small mountain river can be very exciting… Yes, this is my favorite pattern: Brown nymph River Sense August the first: This is my home river – only a five minutes hike far from my home. There are other people on the road – in the air – early in the morning: River Saane August the first: At the evening I was going to another river to fish with the dry fly. It’s like swollen water after a rainstorm – the fish don’t like this water level and current…Welcome to Yakutat, a small Alaskan fishing village and the premier sport fishing capital of the world!Located on the scenic Gulf Coast of Alaska, and surrounded by the world-famous Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, the Wrangell-St.We can take your group out and drop you off on the Tsiu River for the best fishing experience of your life.

These all day trips are not cheap, but it is worth it as this is an experience of a lifetime.

For the expert adventurer there is a small run of Steelhead and Cutthroat if you know where to look. The Old Italio River and the Middle Italio Rivers provide inexpensive and excellent Silver Salmon (Coho) fishing.

These aggressive fish are best from the 1st of September until around the middle of October.

We were out for fishing to Whitefish, perch and pike and was more or less successfull.

Our local fisheries association ( has rent three small creeks, where young brooke trouts can grow up in a quasi securly environment.

Mars the 16th – this is a very important date for all fisherman in our district. w=640" class=" wp-image-1082 " title="OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA" src=" Martin Steven Anton …but then – the fish don’t bite realy good.