Social forces and dating

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Social forces and dating

Because of that, the issue of has been paramount in the social science literature.Moreover, since social norms are seen as central to the production of social order or social coordination, research on norms has been focused on the they perform, and whether they do so efficiently.

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With a few exceptions, the social science literature conceives of norms as exogenous variables.

In the literature on norms and conventions, both social constructs are seen as the endogenous product of individuals' interactions (Lewis 1969; Ullmann-Margalit 1977; Vandershraaf 1995; Bicchieri 2006).

Norms are represented as equilibria of games of strategy, and as such they are supported by a cluster of self-fulfilling expectations.

To be effective, norms of reciprocity, like other cooperative norms, must be simple.

Delayed and disproportionate punishment, as well as belated reward, are difficult to understand and, for this very reason, often ineffective.

All find it difficult to explain the observed variance in norm-induced behavior, and each offers an explanation of conformity that is at best partial.

Though a purely behavioral account of norms is difficult to support, it is also true that normative beliefs alone cannot support a norm.

This view suggests that a study of the conditions under which norms come into being, as opposed to one stressing the functions fulfilled by social norms, is important in order to understand the differences between social norms and other types of injunction, such as hypothetical imperatives, moral codes or legal rules.

Another important issue often blurred in the literature on norms is the relationship between normative beliefs and behavior.

Some authors identify norms with observable, recurrent patterns of behavior.

Others only focus on normative beliefs and expectations.

Like a grammar, a system of norms specifies what is acceptable and what is not in a society or group.