Speed dating conversation examples

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I'll show you how you can learn all the same conversation techniques I discovered and developed in just a minute...

Conversation Hacking is NEW and DIFFERENT than anything else out there because it is based on ideas I've uncovered from many different little-known sources.I searched the internet for articles, I read the bestselling "Conversation Tips" books at the bookstore, I listened to audio programs and video seminars on confidence. Most of the articles and books out there are written by phony self help gurus and motivational speakers who just repeat whatever advice "sounds good" to them!Now, I know it's natural to ASSUME that if someone has a book on "confidence" or "conversation" published, then they MUST know what they are talking about... I could only express myself around my brother and a couple of guys I knew really well.But around other people, I automatically became quiet and awkward.What I've discovered is that there are certain "triggers" that make people immediately see something (or someone) as being popular.

This is how some politicians become famous quickly, and why some products are known by almost everyone.I finally decided to swallow my pride and search for advice. I'm a big nerd, and when I get interested in a topic, I read EVERYTHING I can about it.So I decided to spend several months going through every article, book and course that was even a little bit related to conversation and social skills. Most of the books I found in the bookstore and the library didn't help. And as I read book after book, I thought to myself: How did this JUNK even get published!?!! And it seemed like the point of the books was not even to help readers, but to make the authors ... So if you haven't yet found any advice that's actually helped you become better at talking to people, then I've got some good news: The truth is, most of the common advice out there is written by people who have never had to struggle with a REAL lack of confidence or poor conversation skills themselves!But think about it: If THEY have never had problems like the ones WE have...Then how would THEY know what advice actually works? After spending my whole life being miserably withdrawn in social situations...and other people are stuck being ignored and invisible.