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Executive director of regeneration and housing at Ealing Council, Pat Hayes, stated that Sitematch is a great opportunity for developers "to talk to the people in local authorities you need to talk to".

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According to legal documents seen by the Mail, the seeds of deceit were sown almost right from the start of Andy and Andrea's relationship.The event is free for London's public sector landowners.If that is you, secure your place by contacting Natasha Pullan.Indeed, the court case has caused such bitterness that Jordan, now 23 and a drummer in a band, is no longer speaking to the man he once called Dad, despite Andy's insistence he still loves him like a son.While Andy, an engineer, is still undergoing counselling to cope with the trauma of discovering that Jordan is not his son, Andrea says she too has suffered.Sitematch London is a property event which helps to create working relationships between public sector landowners and private sector developers and investors.

Each participating London council (26 of which attended in 2017) is given a table, where senior officers of regeneration, economic development and planning can be found.

"Sitematch gave us some excellent introductions to potential partners for the three big sites we own and we're bringing forward.

I was particularly impressed with the level of PRS expertise we could pick up on through the day.""The venue was superb and the speakers where excellent.

They are joined by private sector developers for a series of 15-minute meetings, where discussions about possible future regeneration and development projects take place.

Councils have 12 meetings and delegates have up to five, spread throughout the day.

There are a few new entrants, for example registered providers.

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