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Respondents watch video clips of silent speech produced by a male or female speaker, and select the matching picture from an array.All video clips were recorded using natural speech but are played without sound.

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It can also be used with older children whose sign language skills are delayed.

Please email Fiona Kyle: The NSRT is a computer-based assessment of nonsense sign repetition in children.

It is a child-friendly, video repetition task where the child sees a video clip of a nonsense sign and has to copy exactly the sign that s/he saw.

The experimenter needs to enter the participants’ details and evaluate children’s responses.

The BSL Communicative Development Inventory (CDI) is a developmental checklist of signs used and understood by babies and infants aged 8-36 months.

The administrator enters participant details, delivers instructions and guides through the correct sections.

With younger children it is advisable that the experimenter controls the play button to start the video clips.

Please contact Mairead Macsweeney: The Test of Child Speechreading (TOCS) is an assessment of silent speechreading in children.

It is a child-friendly, speech-to-picture matching task.

The BSL-VT is easy to administer and provides a snapshot of a child’s BSL vocabulary knowledge.

The BSL-VT has been developed for deaf and hearing children aged between 4 and 15 years old.

There are three subtests that measure speechreading skills at three different levels: words, sentences and short stories.