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Despite his police training, Garg did not find this odd.His daughter is still untraceable, and the police has registered a FIR in the case.

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In the month since the raids on self-proclaimed godman Virender Dev Dixit's Delhi and Rajasthan ashrams, scores have written to Delhi Police and Gupta, who represents the Foundation for Social Empowerment, the NGO which first filed the FIR against the godman."After 2004-2005, we did not see her though we would go to the ashram every week for meditation.We only spoke to her twice on the phone,'' he says.Dixit had set up an elaborate network of "matas'' and "bhais'' who held satsangs or Gita path in lower middle class neighbourhoods in UP and Rajasthan.These agents would gradually introduce the followers to the idea that the soul of Brahma Kumari founder Lekhraj Kripalani had transferred to Dixit.The first thing he did was shift them out of their home state so that the family contact was limited.

The Delhi ashram which was raided had several small cage-like rooms, CCTV cameras and areas that were restricted even to inmates.The Foundation for Social Empowerment helped them call a PCR.A subsequent raid on December 19 revealed that 50 women were being held inside the Rohini ashram.Not only that, she even surrendered her daughter to Dixit's ashram in 2007.Savita escaped with her daughter in 2015 on the pretext of bringing in more followers."We thought what could be better for a girl than to immerse herself in spirituality,'' he says.