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They also call for more awareness of the help that is available.

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The loss of a student in the library, surrounded by peers, underscored that need.

“I hope Temple University will begin to do its part in confronting the problem and that the conversation is brought to the table.” Nationally, colleges are struggling with the impact of the opioid crisis; some are stepping up more than others.

Rutgers, Texas Tech University, and Augsburg University in Minnesota are among the most advanced, while Penn State and the University of Southern Maine’s Portland campus also offer robust programs, said Tim Rabolt, of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education.

” Jillian Bauer-Reese, a Temple journalism professor, says the university needs to do more to help students in recovery.

Behind her on the screen is the Rooms Project, her documentary of portraits of people in recovery from all over America.

“I mean you send your student to a school and hope that the school has the resources in place to take care of them.

I think the question is do we not have those resources to care for students who are in dire need?“We are not with our students overnight or on weekends,” she said.“It’s important to influence the student culture.” The university, she said, also has a team that responds to students in crisis and anyone concerned about a student can send a message.Bauer-Reese, 34, who said she drank excessively as a Temple student, went into recovery five years ago.She tells students the first day of class and notes it on her syllabus so students know they can reach out — and they have.At Portland, there’s a close-knit peer recovery community, yoga-based recovery classes, coaches and weekly meetings.

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