Therapy dating couples

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When the hangman is formed and your partner still hasn’t guessed the word, he or she loses. Invite friends or family over for a great feast but turn it into a game between you and your dearly beloved. Compete on the main dish, the desserts, the hors d’oeuvres, and even cocktails.

The one who blinks first has to perform a sexual favor to the winner.[Read: 13 weird, unique ways to build intimacy as a couples] #9 Staring contest.When was the last time you held a really long stare with your partner?Remember the first few weeks in your relationship when all you wanted to do was get your hands on each other and get to know every aspect of each other’s lives?Don’t just sigh and long for the days past when you can actually cultivate the same level of intimacy or even deeper.Do this especially if your partner is a serious type because it will make him or her more comfortable doing silly things with you. Blindfold your partner and let them guess what you put in his or her mouth.

It could be fruits, your chin, your elbow, chocolates…anything you can think of.

The sexy kind, not the long angry stare you usually give during fights.

Staring at another person’s eyes for more than ten seconds creates intimacy. They say our eyes are the window to our soul and you will find out just how true that is when you try this game.

The endorphin rush can lead to more fulfilling sex.

This is a game for children and doing this now that you’re grown-ups can give you a feeling that you’re still young and playful and full of life.

Your partner will then try to guess using letters (Does it have an A?