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He took me up and ordered a shot of Southern Comfort. Wayne is from Alaska, but lives on his boat near downtown Everett when he's not serving his country.

(In his divorce, she got the house, he took the boat.) Before heading back to the Middle East, Wayne remarked, the one thing he most wanted to do while home was go kayaking, chilly weather notwithstanding.

It's hard to imagine an activity further removed from engaging in combat in the smoldering desert, where Wayne had recently lost one of his best friends to a roadside bomb.

In the cooler were cans of Old Milwaukee and Schmidt (if there's a telltale sign you're in a dive bar, Schmidt's it).

Behind me was seated a stoic gentleman, slowly nursing a beer and talking to nobody.

By and large, these places are the most distinctive, preservation-worthy bars in a city where watering holes of their ilk are swiftly disappearing.

What they have in common isn't so much attributes, but a state of mind—you just know one when you see one.

After ordering another round of So Co, Wayne said that the reason he'd come to the Doghouse that Saturday afternoon was because he knew it would be exactly the way he remembered it the last time he'd been here some four years earlier.

He'd chosen the bar because it was reliable, a reminder of home that he could look forward to visiting again once his final tour ended.

If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. However, I'm very intimidated by it because I hear it is crazy and it's kinda thick. I was intimidated by the subject matter and I've read excerpts and knew that it wasn't an "easy" read as far as language goes. I was told I needed to read this by a guy I used to talk about and he made it seem like I'd be the biggest idiot if I didn't like it or "get it." 5. (Shakespeare): I've read some Shakespeare for school but I'm deathly afraid of actually reading them on my own and for real..just Sparknotes for school.

(Mark Danielewski): I've had this book on my shelf since October of 2008. (Dante): Ok, I've had to read parts of this for school. Finnegan's Wake (James Joyce): I don't think I need to elaborate!

Of those hundred-plus, the following excerpts account for the 10 most intimidating bars in the bunch, the sort of places that will put the average tippler way outside his or her comfort zone, for better or for worse—but mostly for better.

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