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I track whether I ate meat or not each day by ticking a box in Later I can look back and see easily whether I’m sticking to my goal or if I need to work harder.

Combining simple tools to create powerful results is a key part of the Unix philosophy. The serious options for UK customers right now are Love Money and Money Dashboard. They pull data from your bank account using Yodlee’s API. That identification process varies in it’s accuracy. None of the dashboards I’ve tried can understand money moving between accounts.

For example, if I’m training for a race, I check that I’m building up my distance at the right rate in preparation.

To understand the data, I visualise it using histograms and aggregates statistics.

“does taking drug A make my condition better or worse.” I’m not quite there yet, but it’s an interesting direction.

I’m not sure I have the discipline to collect sufficiently high-quality data.

My self-quantification breaks down into two categories: “performance” and “habits.” The performance stuff (running and cycling) is a bit vain, but I feel that collecting and visualising performance data has helped me to achieve some big goals, like running a marathon.

Measuring some of my habits helps me to make long-term behavioural changes. I love meat, but I like to keep the total amount I consume down.

A new load balancer and security group are created each time you deploy your application.

Their configuration will revert back to the default, listen on port 80 only, whenever an environment is started.

An Elastic Beanstalk application consists of one or more EC2 instances running your application and a set of supporting resources, including an Elastic Load Balancer.

By default, the load balancer listens on port 80 and forwards traffic to port 80 on your app servers.

You can configure the load balancer to listen on 443 easily, but traffic from the LB to the app servers is not encrypted.

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