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The bringing down of Thatcher's influence, and, therefore, that of her former U. toady, George Bush, accords with the same strategic motives prompting a faction of the oligarchy to topple the decadent Royals.Ladies and gentlemen of the readership's international jury, we have brought you to this court to hear charges arising from one of the most monstrous crimes committed in all known human history, a crime perpetrated on a vast scale.

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Disputed conceptual understandings of indigeneity, a history of discriminatory colonial and post-colonial policies, and non-recognition of Indigenous groups by some governments complicate the situation.Finally, we argue that wider changes are needed to address the social determinants of Indigenous peoples' health.The offprint you are holding in your hands comes from an expanded issue of the weekly Executive Intelligence Review, which rushed this special report on "The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor," into print on an unusually short timetable to be published for a cover-date of Oct. What you are about to read is the result of a team effort of EIR's internationally and nationally based intelligence staff under the direction of Founding Editor Lyndon H. The team of researchers on three continents who assisted in preparing material for the articles, charts, and maps in this Special Report includes: Joseph Brewda, Mark Burdman, Carlos Cota Meza, Linda de Hoyos, Allen Douglas, William Engdahl, Manuel Hidalgo, Ken Kronberg, Hugo Lopez Ochoa, Rogelio Maduro, Marcia Merry, Silvia Palacios, Ana Maria Phau, David Ramonet, Raynald Rouleau, Michael Sharp, John Sigerson, Dennis Small, Gretchen Small, Jeffrey Steinberg, Geraldo Teran, Scott Thompson, Charles Tuttle, and Anthony Wikrent.In a campaign called "unprecedented" in the history of Britain's Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), the WWF spent a reported 0,000, and exerted enormous political muscle on the IB A, in an attempt to kill or censor the film.An enraged Prince Philip falsely accused Dowling of stealing his top-secret memos, which demonstrated Philip's attempts to cover up an internal WWF audit, the Phillipson Report.We show you here, from his own public utterances, that not only has Prince Philip been the titular head of this criminal conspiracy.

You will discover that he has played this role with full consciousness of the criminal intent of his organization's policies.

This threatens the imminent downfall of a global civilization already racked by the worst financial instability which Europe has seen since the middle of the 14th Century. A much-publicized, brewing legal action against her son, Mark Thatcher, in Texas courts, has put the former Prime Minister into the London press limelight as a foolishly doting mother who resorted to the highest degree of corruption in office for the purpose of elevating her peculiarly unsuitable son to millionaire status.

In addition to this disgusting example of nepotism, Thatcher is vulnerable to the airing of many other unpleasant truths, should their muster be required.

We discuss two case studies, of the central African Pygmy peoples and the San of southern Africa, to illustrate recurring issues in Indigenous health in the continent.

We make recommendations for the recognition of Indigenous peoples in Africa and improvements needed in the collection of health data and the provision of services.

After the facts presented in this Special Report are considered, the British establishment's strategic, historical motives for dumping the Windsors should become obvious.

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