Updating antivirus dat files on diskette

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Updating antivirus dat files on diskette - halaqah dating

Author: Fred Fish make Subset of "unix" make command.

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Useful, but does not have many of the features of the full make, much less the newer "augmented make". Used to bundle text file up into a single file for transmission as a unit, or otherwise handling as a single file.

Author: John Draper (Aka "crunch") gfxmem Graphical memory usage display program. John worked REAL hard to dig out all the information in this one! Author: Mike Schwartz cc Unix-like frontend for Lattice C compiler.

Author: Louis Mamakos halfbrite Sample program that demonstrates "Extra-Half-Brite" mode on latter AMIGA's with new VLSI chip. Author: Charlie Heath trackdisk Demonstrates use of the trackdisk driver. Author: Rob Peck requesters Sample program and documentation for building and using requesters. Author: David Lucas CONTENTS OF DISK 2 ================== alib Object module librarian.

CONTENTS OF DISK 1 ================== amigademo Graphical benchmark for comparing amigas. Author: Reinhold Weicker (Ada version) Rick Richardson (C version) dotty Source to the "dotty window" demo on the Workbench disk. Author: Landon Dyer make2 Another make subset command. "Portable" because the code itself is portable and because the archive format is very simple (uses ascii headers to separate files). Author: Martin Minow xrf C cross reference utility. Author: Bob Denny CONTENTS OF DISK 3 ================== gothic Gothic banner printer. Author: unknown roff A "roff" type text formatter, roughly following "Software Tools" version.

Author: Charlie Heath (Micro Smiths) amigaterm Terminal emulation program with xmodem upload/download capability. Author: Perry Kivolowitz colorful Shows off use of hold-and-modify mode. Author: Marc Mengel microemacs Small, relatively portable version of emacs. Prints DOWN the page, rather than across, so arbitrarily long banners can be created. Somewhat upwardly compatible with unix "nroff" command.

Author: Rob Peck 12/18/85 parallel Demonstrates access to the parallel port.

Author: Tom Pohorsky 12/1/85 printer Shows how to open and use a printer, does a screen dump of the workbench screen if there is a graphics-capable printer attached.Comes with custom icon so can be run from workbench screen. Mical In combination with hander.(supplied), lets a user trap keyboard or mouse events before they get to Intuition and if desired, install new (phony/generated/other-devices-mouse-simulations) into the input stream.Handler.is needed to convert the calling sequence performed by the for the input stream management into something that a C program can understand.Author: Peter Bain grep Decus grep (Get Regular Expression and Print). Author: Unknown kermit This is an absolutely ancient kermit, who's only saving grace is that it is small and quite portable.On the AMIGA, there is no connect mode, only send and receive. hello Demonstrates creation of a simple window, "hello world". latffp Shows how to access the Motorola Fast Floating Point library from Lattice C. Author: Larry Hildenbrand palette Sample program for designing color palettes.