Updating bootrom

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You may attempt to load the latest Dev Alpha B update onto your Dev Alpha A, however the Dev Alpha A is no longer officially supported as of you encounter any issues, downgrade to using the Autoloader method. The 10.3 SDK OS ( is also being made available to those developers who would like to test on their Black Berry 10 device.

The FTP server runs, and the console provides commands needed to recover the image; however, application commands, such as listapp and createapp , are not available and certain attributes are not displayed. Even on Macs, Boot Camp Assistant is only needed to repartition the disk so you can install Windows.Computer: 1.87 GHz Intel Core 2 Duobtw it says in my System Profiler that my Boot ROM version is "t0sh". They were working on a project to overcome this at one point, but it looks to be dead.A lot of people think that boot camp installs that pretty boot menu...It doesnt, that is in apples firmware only found on real macs.I'll refer him to this thread, might help him out. Back in the beta stage Boot Camp was good for partitioning and making drivers and setting the start up disk to be the windows install disk...

Now all that boot camp is good for is partitioning and setting the start up disk to be the windows disk.

I'm too afraid of messing it up, especially if I'm going to split my os x partition -the one I boot from that is- which is 10.5.2 and I only got 10.5.1 system on a bootable CD etc.

I'll ask my friend for help, the one who set me up with this computer... Hackintosh's cant and dont need to use Boot Camp, nor do real macs anymore use it anymore.

If the bootrom file name is different than the default (bootrom.upd), specify the actual file name as an additional parameter.

Update the bootrom by executing the update bootrom command.

I'm not really a computer wiz but If u explain the solution well I'll understand. I tried using Boot Camp Assistant and got an error that I need to update my Boot ROM firmware. If anyone got this error and knows how to fix it, plz help me!