Updating compressed archives

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Updating compressed archives

Use Stuff It Scheduler to schedule automatic file backups, and you can save the backup archives you create to CDs, DVDs, external drives and FTP servers.If you used the steps to Download and Copy Plugins offline, your next step is to update Nessus plugins using the compressed TAR file. Tenable Network Security, Nessus, Security Center, Security Center Continuous View and Log Correlation Engine are registered trademarks of Tenable, Inc.

This small stub performs all the steps of extracting the files, running the embedded command, and removing the temporary files when done.

This script as well as the archives it generates should run on any Unix flavor, with any compatible Bourne shell, provided of course that the compression programs are available.

As of version 2.1, Makeself has been rewritten and tested on the following platforms : Important note for Apache users: By default, most Web servers will think that Makeself archives are regular text files and thus they may show up as text in a Web browser.

The archive will then uncompress itself to a temporary directory and an optional arbitrary command will be executed (for example an installation script).

This is pretty similar to archives generated with Win Zip Self-Extractor in the Windows world.

Stuff It Destinations lets you drag and drop files onto any destination tile, where it packages the files and delivers them to a pre-set destination.

Easily add custom tiles to your Stuff It Destinations toolbar.

Browse and search inside the contents of Stuff It X, Zip, Tar, and RAR archives, including encoded archives, and compressed Tar archives (tarballs) without having to expand them.

Stuff It Scheduler is designed to provide a simple, easy to use, personal backup solution.

Once you have copied the plugins file, there are two ways to update Nessus using the compressed TAR file. Tenable, Tenable.io, Assure, and The Cyber Exposure Company are trademarks of Tenable, Inc.

All other products or services are trademarks of their respective owners.

Makeself archives also include checksums for integrity self-validation (CRC and/or MD5 checksums).

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