Updating garmin 330c

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Updating garmin 330c - polyamory married and dating watch episode 1

In a recent commercial, NBA star Yao Ming pulls into a gas station along a dusty country road where a befuddled and comparatively tiny attendant assumes he's lost and offers him directional assistance.

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Experienced users, however, will probably yearn for a few more configuration options, such as the ability to display more data (available satellites, for instance), plan multisegment routes, and quickly save a waypoint with one or two clicks (it takes several with the c330).

Similar products from Lowrance, Magellan, Navman, and Tom Tom can all save the current location within one or two screen taps. In road tests totaling over 700 miles, it made only two clearly identifiable errors, and we discovered that you have a pretty good degree of control over navigation preferences.

For instance, you can choose a route by faster time or shorter distance.

When you choose a type, the c330 displays a list of restaurants sorted by distance from your current location.

Touching a restaurant's name brings up the address and phone number, along with options to create a route ("GO"), display the location on the map, or save the location to your Favorites list.

You also get multiple choices for things to avoid, including U-Turns, Highways, Toll Roads, and Unpaved Roads.

There are plenty of choices in terms of voice direction, too—some 20 languages for text displays and 15 for voice prompting.Most of these categories have subcategories that help you further refine your search.For example, touching the food icon brings up a number of food types, including American, Asian, Bagel/Donut, and Barbecue.There are only two top-level menu choices—"View Map" or "Where do you want to go?" The main menu has a touch screen button for setup and for controlling brightness.We would also like to have more flexibility in customizing the information displayed on various screens.

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