Updating marine corps ompf

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Updating marine corps ompf

See paragraph 13 (MMRP) for OMPF inquiries and document submission points of contact. Officers are advised that the OMPF and MBS are distributed to the boardroom at least one week before the board convenes. It is the responsibility of each officer to ensure their personal records (OMPF/MBS) reflect accurate and current information.

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OMPF documents can be emailed as a pdf attachment or OMPF documents can be mailed to CMC (MMRP-20), however, inclusion into the OMPF is substantially faster if the documents are emailed. It is imperative that documents submitted to CMC (MMRP-20) for inclusion in the OMPF within 60 days of a selection board be conspicuously marked "contains documents for FY18 (appropriate board) selection board." With the exception of fitness reports, all OMPF documents, particularly digital photos, should be forwarded to and received by CMC (MMRP-20) at least two weeks prior to the convening date of the selection board in order to allow processing time to the OMPF.Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) consists of documents that reflect your fitness for service, performance of duties, and entitlements.These documents affect or influence your career and benefits, and include information about your accession, training, education, performance, discipline, decorations and awards, assignments, duties, casualty status, and separation/retirement from the Navy.REF B IS MCO P1400.31C W/CH 1, MARINE CORPS PROMOTION MANUAL, VOLUME 1, OFFICER PROMOTIONS WITH UPDATE MARADMIN 249/09. REF D IS MCO P1610 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM (PES).REF E IS MCO 6110.3 W/CH 1, MARINE CORPS COMPOSITION AND MILITARY APPEARANCE PROGRAM MANUAL(MCBCMAP). Marine Corps Officer Promotion selection board schedule and provides promotion guidance. Marine Corps officer promotion selection boards to recommend both active and reserve component officers for promotion will convene as follows: 2.Use of this widget does not imply endorsement of any site by the U.


(Source: Wikipedia – Fiscal Year) (IDT, AT, ADT, ADSW, PRC, RECALL, MOB) – Flat Rate TDY Per Diem Adjustment Starting in FY15 (01OCT2014), all personnel on new, long-term TDY orders to a single location in support of contingency operations (including mobilization) will see a reduction in the amount of per diem to which they are entitled.

Members on orders of up to 30 days will still collect 100% of the maximum locality rate.

It is very important to know that after documents are scanned to IMPF they are destroyed, so you need to maintain copies of all official documents.

Additionally, you should periodically order and retain a CD for emergency situations (such as backup for document loss due to system-file corruption).

REF J IS MARADMIN 277/01 BACCALAUREATE DEGREE REQUIREMENT FOR RESERVE OFFICERS. The minimum TIG may be waived based on the needs of the Marine Corps.

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