Updating my garmin

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Birdseye Satellite Imagery is a software program available through Garmin that allows you to view satellite imagery on your Alpha 100 or Astro 430 / 320 handheld.You are required to download the software onto your computer and then transfer the imagery to your handheld.

A window will pop up and prompt you to select your destination.

Due to the Garmin maps being physically stored on the memory of the Nuvi GPS it is possible that as soon as you buy your Nuvi and put it in your vehicle for the maps to already be out of date.

Because of this Garmin offer something called the nu Maps Guarantee which is their quality commitment to all of their new customers. Typically though they will only be offered to GPS owners who have registered the Nuvi or Zumo GPS within the first three months of ownership.

Press "Setup Map" and then press "Map Information." Press "Birdseye Satellite Imagery" and select Enable or Disable to view or hide the imagery on the map screen.

Press the Back icon at the bottom of the screen to return to your map screen.

If you’ve reached my independent advice website then you are probably the owner of a Nuvi GPS sat nav device and are asking yourself whether you can update Garmin maps for free.

The answer to that common question is yes, you can.The Birdseye Imagery will be stored under the Digital Globe section.You can highlight the section and press enter to select Enable or Disable to view or hide the imagery on the map screen.Press the "Map" button to return to your map screen.-- Press the Map icon in the upper left corner of the home screen, then press the Menu icon at the bottom of the screen.The Garmin user experience is a very good one, but if you do need any help or assistance with installing your new maps then please read my handy online guide on learning how to install Garmin map updates.