Updating old kitchen lighting

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I don’t think anyone else considering using Optiwin needs to worry about this – as I said, our door was an early version and the current models are already better.

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This place was both the product of a shared dream between Kayo and I to create a sustainable and comfortable family house and an experiment for all of those involved.

Finished in matt white, this stylish wall lamp is perfect for home and commercial interiors!

The light features triangular bracket that extends a cylindrical bulb holder which supports one 25 w E14 bulb.

The Rose Trivet is a great accessory for diners who like something a little different.

Although it's made of flexible silicone, the trivet is designed to look like an embroidered rose flower sat in the middle of your table cloth.

The perfect complement to our Bathing Girls Tea Set, designer Esther Horchner has playfully illustrated the inside of this white porcelain tea pot with bathing beauties.

When the pot is filled, it looks like the girls are immersed in a tea bath or pool.Made from air plane triplex so ultra strong and light, the TC stool is perfect as an easy-to-manage occasional stool in the project market, it makes a practical and stylish addition to any home too.Dimensions TC Stool: 35 x 45h x 32 dia - stackable stool of triplex birch.Designer Esther Horchner has cleverly illustrated the inside of each Bathing Girls tea cup with a bathing beauty so that each figure appears to be bathing or swimming in the tea.For those days when you're feeling more demure, each spoon comes with a bathing suit on it so the girls don't have to bathe au naturel.However this means that to remedy the (small) differences, we’d have to almost completely rebuild the porch.