Updating psp through ps3

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Updating psp through ps3

* Support on custom firmware with cobra feature enabled (ver 4.46-4.82 CEX & DEX) * Support on classic custom firmware with PRXLoader (ver 3.41-4.82 CEX & DEX) https://github.com/Nz V/PRX_Loader * Support on classic custom firmware with Mamba PRXLoader (ver 3.41-4.82 CEX & DEX) github.com/Nz V/MAMBA_PRX_Loader * All PS3 Models with downgrade compatibility is supported, see psdevwiki.com/ps3/SKU_Models psx-place.com/threads/ps3xploit-now-install-cfw-from-4-82.15500/ * FTP server with remote control functions (shutdown/restart) * WWW server with remote control functions (scroll down for the complete list of shortcuts) * Support for loading and browsing of [local] PS3 games in ISO and folder format, DVD videos in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format, PS1/PS2/PSP games in ISO format with cover display * NETISO support for network loading and browsing of PS3 games in ISO and folder format, * DVD videos in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format, PS1 and PSP games * NTFS support for PS3 and PS1 games in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format and DVD Video in ISO format * Dynamic Fan Control and in-game temperature monitoring * PAD shortcuts * Keep USB device awake * Mount last game or AUTOBOOT. Official needs to mount the game to show the covers.

* [email protected] for starting the modding project * Zar my mate since the first day * Nz V for Ps3mapi, Mamba prxloader * Osiris X for PS3XPAD * bguerville for web downloader & package installer module * Mysis, who wrote some useful libs and reverse engineering VSH Exports functions: * 3141card for VSH Menu POC & Littlebalup for his enhancement/new features * jjolano (John Olano) for Open FTP server * Estwald for NTFS library, rawseciso, fake iso, etc.

----------------------------- Just download and run this pkg on your ps3. No, in the worst case, you could need to reinstall your firmware.

CCAPI_2_80_REV2_Package__developer_How to uninstall CCAPI? ---------------------------- Just run again the pkg. Quick control console: It's just a quick tool to use some of CCAPI functions.

-SPRX will be injected into vsh process, therefore they will be runned at every moment(even during a game).

-Deank made a cool FTP server sprx, that you can load into VSH, so you have a ftp even while you're playing a game. Or use web MAN 1.43 for CCAPI, How to install CCAPI?

Downloading and installing the PSP® (Play Station®Portable) system software update will update your PSP® system's operating system to include the latest security patches, settings, features and other items.

We encourage you to check this page from time to time for system software updates and to always maintain your system to use the latest version of the system software.

col=network&seg=seg_premo) this will start Remote Play server from XMB.

* Once a game is mounted via html, if you click on the displayed icon the game will be launched on the PS3.

* FTP server includes new SITE commands to allow copy/paste files locally, unmount game, toggle external gamedata, turn on/off dev_blind, change file attributes * Integrated external game DATA * Web Debugger (remote peek/poke/find bytes) * Support for automatic or manual removal of CFW syscalls and spoof console id (IDPS/PSID) * Translated to 23 languages * Extended support up to 5 remote network servers * Several shortcuts to toggle Cobra, swap Rebug files, mount net0/ or net1/, show IDPS/PSID, etc.

* Support for user defined combos * Enable screen capture on CFW that don't has the feature.

* Brunolee & Berion for the graphics & icons * The team that ported NTFS library from PSL1ght to PS3 SDK (freddy38510, bguerville, Zar, deank, Joonie) * PSX-SCENE, PSX-PLACE, PLAYSTATIONHAX, PS3HAX & other scene websites/users, who translated, helped in the testing process Movian (formerly known as Showtime Media Center) is a media player for use on HTPC media centers.

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