Updating system settings

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Updating system settings

The BIOS interface is designed for advanced users, you can change a setting that could prevent your computer from starting correctly and you could suffer potential loss of data.Dell recommends updating the BIOS as part of your scheduled update cycle.

This is called the ESCD (Extended System Configuration Data) and this is usually stored in additional non-volatile memory also referred to as NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) Over the years as technology has changed people still refer to the BIOS as both CMOS and NVRAM, however they are subtly different.Dell provides an easy to use self installing update package that allows this task to be performed relatively easily.There are several ways to check your BIOS version but the easiest is to use System Information.Confirm the firmware version of the camera in the [SYSTEM SETTINGS] menu → [INFORMATION] → [VERSION], and access the most current information regarding firmware in the website described in NOTE, and download the firmware if required.Hoping to piggy-back off of a previous discussion on this topic originated by Ken Maren.Also know as "System Setup", the BIOS is software that is contained on a small memory chip on the PC's Motherboard, typically referred to as the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor).

It acts as an interface between the computer's hardware and its operating system, e.g.

To locate other BIOS versions you can try and find the version download by navigating through the links located at Most Dell systems built after 2012 have the ability to be updated from the F12 One-Time Boot Menu.

This process can be executed if you have a USB memory stick formatted to the FAT32 file system and the BIOS executable file that you downloaded from the Dell Support Website and copied to the root of the USB key For more information on this process, please see the following article: Caution: If Bit Locker is not suspended before updating the BIOS, the next time you reboot the system it will not recognize the Bit Locker key.

It is important to keep your System BIOS up to date.

Newer releases of BIOS can provide improvements to Hardware compatibility, improved Diagnostics, as well as Security updates and Increased stability.

On the Windows 8 and 8.1 "Metro" screen, type run then press Return, in the Run box type msinfo32 and click OK.

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