Updating the barracuda firmware

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Updating the barracuda firmware - datingedinburgh com

Updated A firmware update pushed to Barracuda firewalls has knocked out boxes in large firms and crippled networks, we're told.

[BNSF-21094, BNSF-21354, BNSF-20736, BNSF-21272] Enhancement: Web Syslog contents now include the year, usernames, troubleshooting commands, and configuration changes made by Barracuda Technical Support.See the BASIC You must be running firmware version before updating to version 6.x, to ensure that all components are properly updated.If you are running on firmware version 3.x, you may need to make multiple firmware updates before you will be able to update to firmware 6.x. Use your Barracuda Customer Account credentials to connect.If you rebooted your firewall (as we did in one site) to try and clear the problem, then you were completely down after it booted.Support told me after I called in not to reboot but it was too late.Barracuda's support team admitted this is a "known issue," and the biz is working on a fix: some customers have already received corrected data.

However, applying the fix involves manually changing files so it you're a European Barracuda user, your Friday night is not going to be much fun.

Depending on your current firmware version and other system factors, the update process could take up to 10 minutes.

If the process takes longer, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.

Rebooting boxes does not clear the problem: you're still left with a dead firewall.

The geolocation database is typically used to filter traffic from particular countries.

This isn’t the first time their QA group have failed us." Our reader is right: last November Barracuda’s Email Security Service took a dive, for example.