Updating world stock market indices

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Updating world stock market indices - Chat sex petu

The administrators represent the variety of groups that have sprung up on Facebook, including Mormon mothers supporting their gay children, people suffering from rare diseases, and mental health support for veterinarians, who have a surprisingly high rate of suicide.

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Now there are groups for every interest imaginable, with a few members or hundreds of thousands of people.

He's sticking to making an impact with the world's most ubiquitous social media platform and its almost 2 billion users.

Zuckerberg tends to phrase things Facebook does in terms of their benefit to humanity, not investors or the company's bottom line.

whether that's addressing challenges like stopping climate change or stopping pandemic diseases or terrorism," said Zuckerberg.

"None of these things can happen just by one country or group of people deciding to do it.

Most groups are casual -- Zuckerberg himself is in puli groups, where people share cute photos of dogs like his own famous pet, Beast.

Only 100 million Facebook users are in what Zuckerberg calls "meaningful" groups -- the kinds that become part of your support structure.Some of those communities could not have existed before the internet.Brian Copeland, who lives in Tennessee, runs a group for gay fathers.Facebook, which has a market value of about 0 billion, has a responsibility to use its sizable resources to do positive things, he says, and that should naturally create value down the line."That's why it helps to have control of the company," he said.The way Zuckerberg describes it, being active in Groups can be a political act, a grassroots way to address the ills of the world.

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