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You may be able to identify a large variety of them, but if you live in a city like I do, it is unlikely that you are able to grow your own produce and…Urban agriculture combines both urban and agrarian cultures.

This stage of dating is much different than the others.When a friend tells me that he or she is dating, I usually ask them to explain what exactly they mean by the word “dating.” When they give me a blank stare, I prompt them by asking: Is it casual dating? But at this stage of dating, they are not ready to pick up and move to the other person’s city. Courtship) Goal: Making a yes or no decision about marriage The old-fashioned name of this type of dating is called “courtship.” During courtship, a couple gets to know each other for the purpose of deciding whether they should get married or not. My friend met a nice girl on e Harmony a few months ago. They started talking every day, and he has even visited her twice since then. They are trying to get to know each other enough to decide whether to not to move into a serious and committed relationship (see below).Some couples find it helpful to go to pre-engagement counselling. If you are in a courtship, you should be asking yourself, “What do I need to know about her and what does she need to know about me to be able to make this decision about marriage?” When Olive and I were in this stage of dating, we found it helpful to give ourselves a time frame so that our decision-making process would not drag on forever.To no surprise, there is only a limited number of organic produce available in most…

If you are a beginner at gardening like I am, you might not be familiar with the appearance of certain vegetable plants.Here, at the NYU Urban Farm Lab, we focus on vegetables.On our little plot of land, located right on Houston Street, next to the fast cars and amid the hustle and bustle of commuter and city traffic, we experiment with crops so as to learn about gardening in an urban setting. Fleisher’s Grass Fed and Organic Meats is a pioneer in the world of meat production, providing an alternative way to eat better meat.In most cases, it involves a commitment to an exclusive relationship with the other person to make this decision.Some couples will introduce each other to the important people in their life: parents, family, friends, mentors, spiritual community, etc. Some couples will try living together (the pros and cons of doing this are an entirely different blog post, and we are looking for someone to write intelligently about this so if you are interested in doing this, please let us know). You’re not trying to scope out the other person to see if they are marriage material. And friends spend time with each other to have fun.