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The passionless reproductive wife confined to private domesticity, along with her publicly and competitively orientated husband becomes the central reference point for discussions concerning sexuality.

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Freud begins his research along side Breuer whose notoriety for treating female hysterics with hypnosis and surgical removal of the ovaries had shocked and captivated public attention.

Freud relies upon the modern hierarchical opposition between the mind and body.

The transcendent mind however, is divided through a complex interplay between the unconscious and conscious hemispheres.

One nineteenth century doctor invented a device which administered electric shocks to a sleeping boy's penis upon erection.

The insane, pale, quivering masturbator along with the lascivious barren prostitute emerge as creatures spreading contagion and weakening the modern social body.

Freud divides the mind into a hierarchical opposition between the conscious and unconscious, giving primacy to the latter.

The unconscious, with its dark, impulsive, unstructured labyrinths of memories which have no chronological origins or definite form, cannot be recovered or comprehended by the conscious component of the mind, and thus must be mediated through a "pre-conscious" buffer which regulates its desires.The Lancet medical journal in 1887 estimated that there were approximately 80,000 prostitutes in London.This is out of a total population of 2,360,000 or 3%.Fundamental to Freud is the belief that civilisation is only possible at the expense of repressing and regulating our natural sexual instincts.Freud speaks of an "aboriginal population of the mind" describing it as the "dark inaccessible part of our personality ...It is against this cultural and political horizon that an understanding of modern sexuality needs to be contextualised.

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