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The pervert, child masturbator, homosexual, hysteric, prostitute, primitive and nymphomaniac, all emerged as distinctly classified sexual species possessing their own internal "secret" which had been revealed by the penetrating gaze of science.

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21But speak they did, with increasing intensity and authority, bringing into the objective light of science, a multitude of distinctive sexual species.

It is against this cultural and political horizon that an understanding of modern sexuality needs to be contextualised.

The Victorian era of the nineteenth century, like no other period preceding it, became dominated by the belief that an individual's sex and sexuality form the most basic core of their identity, potentiality, social/political standing and freedom.

Freud divides the mind into a hierarchical opposition between the conscious and unconscious, giving primacy to the latter.

The unconscious, with its dark, impulsive, unstructured labyrinths of memories which have no chronological origins or definite form, cannot be recovered or comprehended by the conscious component of the mind, and thus must be mediated through a "pre-conscious" buffer which regulates its desires.

The Lancet medical journal in 1887 estimated that there were approximately 80,000 prostitutes in London.

This is out of a total population of 2,360,000 or 3%.

Prostitution or "whoring" had long been regarded as detrimental to the Empire, however it had no special place alongside blasphemy, drunkenness and other public disturbances.

It is not until the nineteenth century that it is elevated to a "social evil" of gigantic proportions.

The passionless reproductive wife confined to private domesticity, along with her publicly and competitively orientated husband becomes the central reference point for discussions concerning sexuality.

The prostitute, homosexual and the solitary masturbator emerged as entities posing the greatest threat to heterosexual reproduction, bourgeois morality and social order.

Sexuality in general becomes dominated by men’s fear concerning women’s sexuality, expressed as a threat to public rational masculinity.