Vita spa hyrdating body lotion

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Vita spa hyrdating body lotion - speed dating for black singles nyc

It should have the right texture, shade, coverage, ingredients and not least provide a perfect finish.Our skin therapist Yasemin gives tips on her favorites check out which product is best for your particular skin type!

Olivia gives a great tip about a super product that allows the color on both your lashes and brows to stay put!

A primer is like a rubber for the skin so you get a perfect canvas before applying makeup. In this video we teach you what a primer is, why you should use a it and of course some smart application advice.

Finding a foundation that suits your skin type can be a challenge.

This is something that is especially important when on vacation where you are swimming and sweating in the heat.

Our skin therapist Yasemin explains and gives tips on how you can manage your time in the sun.

You are surely used to taking sunscreen to the beach, but it's also important to use good sun protection everyday.

There are tons of really good day creams that not only moisturize and soften, but even give substantial protection.

Scar tissue is thinner and more sensitive than healthy skin.

This is why you should give your scars extra protection with a good sunscreen to minimize the risk of getting a permanent scar.

How much sun cream should you apply in order to get the full protection that the product promises? She also gives tips on how to protect smaller children who refuse sunscreen.

In order for sunscreen to give the protection that is promised on the package, you not only need to use the right amount, but also reapply your sun protection throughout the day.

Visibly brighten skin and firm fine lines and wrinkles with a concentrated boost of 15% vitamin C, combined with potent antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to protect and hydrate the skin.

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