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Earlier versions of Web Sphere Application Server only supported one version of the SDK.For example, Web Sphere Application Server Versions 7.0 and 8.0 both support SDK 6.

IBM Software Development Kit, Java Technology Edition V7.0 (SDK 7) is supported as an optional, pluggable software development kit for IBM Web Sphere Application Server V8.5, while IBM Software Development Kit, Java Technology Edition V6.0 (SDK 6) remains the default SDK.

As the default SDK, SDK 6 is is installed with Web Sphere Application Server V8.5 on z/OS® and the distributed platforms, and is separately installed on IBM i systems.

When an optional SDK, such as SDK 7, is installed, it is detected by the product and becomes available for use; likewise, if an optional SDK is uninstalled, it is no longer detected and is no longer available.

For more information, see the Web Sphere Application Server V8.5 Information Center for System i prerequisites.

After installing SDK 7, restart all of these server types to trigger updates to the node metadata properties for SDK 7: Similarly, after uninstalling an SDK, you must restart these server types to trigger removal of the information associated with the uninstalled SDK from the node metadata properties.

Before beginning, list the available SDKs to determine the SDK name of an available SDK 7 installation, then use the -set New Profile Default -sdk Name 1.7_32 CWSDK1022I: New profile creation will now use SDK name 1.7_32.

C:\was Installs\v85\Base\bin option to enable a standalone application server profile or management profile to use SDK 7.For example, assuming the SDK name of an available SDK 7 installation is 1.7_32 and profile “server1” defines a standalone or management server, invoke managesdk as shown in Listing 4 to ensure profile server1 and the server it defines is enabled to use SDK 7.-enable Profile -profile Name server1 -sdk Name 1.7_32 -enable Servers CWSDK1017I: Profile server1 now enabled to use SDK 1.7_32.If you already have your SSL Certificate and just need to install it, see IBM Websphere SSL Certificate Installation.How to generate a CSR for IBM Websphere Note: The following instructions are for IBM Websphere 6.0x.CWSDK1001I: Successfully performed the requested managesdk task.

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