When four play the dating game

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When four play the dating game - do men like dating taller women

Your solution to this issue, except in the case of men who are hardcore players, is getting good at building a connection with another person quickly so they see the love right away.

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You’re much more likely to find a lifelong partner and get closer to your goal of kids and a family if you don’t force the point.

More often than not, trying for everything in your late 30s is a recipe for ruining an otherwise promising relationship.

Instead of making your biological clock the focus of the relationship and rushing it along, instead accept that your window might have closed and an alternate form of motherhood might occur.

Compounding the problem is that we might not even realize we’ve been coasting along. While the dating phase might be harder if you are in your late 30s, it is an opportunity to lay the foundation for a relationship that lasts because we’re more conscious about being a good partner and not just showing up and expecting it to work.

A recent article in POPSUGAR, , outlines some of the issues that women in their late 30s face when it comes to finding a solid relationship.

If this concept seems really foreign or hard to achieve, however, don’t worry—we at Kowalke Relationship Coaching can help.

Problem 4: Your biological clock is getting in the way There’s a lot of pressure and confusion when you are in your late 30s and want a traditional family life but have not yet found the right person.Let’s go through the first half of this list and make a few quick adjustments that could help get the ball rolling when it comes to finding that lifetime partner.In my next article, I’ll then tackle the second half of this list. This comes primarily from three goals men have when seeking a relationship: they’re looking for children eventually, and a younger woman signals a larger window of opportunity and more fertility.One archetype for men is that they’re the protector and the provider.Women generally like men who fit this archetype, and men feel pressure to deliver on this role.While there’s no complete fix for the problem of gender role archetypes, it can be greatly minimized through—you guessed it—connecting more deeply with your partner.

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