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I was definitely not looking for meaningless sex on there, and I didn't get the vibe that anyone I went out with was either.

16 year old: Hook me up with some of that silver cush!

Nothing much ever came from it, but I met some really interesting people and always had a positive date experience (even if I didn't end up making a romantic connection or going on a second date after that).

I did meet two guys on there whom I dated for about a month each, but then I had to end things with them because I got back together with my ex-boyfriend (whom I met at work).

Either guys would message you with the classic sex request, or those who I actually talked to would get bored and eventually just drop the conversation.

Maybe I wasn't using it right, but I don't really think there is a right way to use Tinder."-Kristin, 22"I've actually had pretty good luck on it.

In fact, I have never in my life had a Tinder hookup — only dates.

And while the swiping usually is based primarily on looks, I view each user's photos as merely an initial filter before I get to know someone's personality. Or are articles like Vanity Fair's depicting dating apps unfairly?I couldn't help but laugh as I read these hyperbolic stories.While I don't doubt that they're true to the experiences of those quoted (though I wouldn't be surprised if some of the guys exaggerated a bit), they're a far cry from my own experience with Tinder.Honesty is best."-Jason*, 27"I'm new to it but so far have been going on dates, although a hookup wouldn't be out of the question!Also, my very close friend met her boyfriend of nearly two years who she now lives with on there, so there are definitely some people on there for serious stuff."-Lea, 28"I used Tinder to find dates.And I'm constantly shocked by how many girls are shocked that guys aren't on Tinder to date.

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    Over 20% of women posted photos of their younger selves. Their most common lies revolved around their financial situation, specifically, about having a better job (financially) than they actually do.