Who discovered of carbon 14 dating

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Who discovered of carbon 14 dating

This suggests that carbon from the terrestrial biosphere finds its way to the sea, carried by rain water and rivers, not shown in the diagram.

As one can see, the human contribution is about 8Pg carbon per year (8Gt, billions of tons) against a global respiration rate of about 100-250Pg/y (fossil fuel alone: 2%, some say 3%).A slight warming of the ocean expels CO2 while becoming more acidic, about 1000-1500Gt per degree C (see graph in part 1) . Indeed Faure estimated from his studies of past land cover that during the transition from the last ice age to the present inter-glacial, some 4000Gt CO2 (1200Gt C) was transferred from the ocean to the continental biosphere (through the carbon pipe, see further).Compare this with 700Gt C in the atmosphere and 1170Gt C in the biosphere as mentioned above.More important, the new measurements of missing oxygen climate4#missing_oxygen lead to the conclusion that seas have been absorbing CO2 for several decades, rather than exhaling it. As the block diagram above suggests, both the sea and the land sequester 2 of the 6-8 Gt C/y anthropogenic (human made) CO2 or about 50%, but where does it go?At the bottom of the diagram, a total of 0.4 Gt C/y is sequestered 'permanently' in sediments.It is thought that this contribution is the cause of the observed increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere from a supposed 180ppm pre-industrial to a present-day 400ppm.

So there is good certainty that the amount of CO2 in the air is rising. Many scientists believe it is caused by the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities, but considering the presence of a huge reservoir of carbondioxide in the ocean, one should ask whether the tail is wagging the dog (see box below).Apparently plants assimilate 122Gt/y in photosynthesis, with leaves dying after 5 years, and their stems and decaying wood estimated at 1100Gt, decaying in 20 years while returning 60Gt back to the air. From this less than 0.1Gt is sequestered for 1000y in fossil fuels and shales.The oceans have been split into three compartments, with mainly the surface ocean interacting with the atmosphere, photosynthesising and respiring/decaying 100Gt C/y while sequestering 2 Gt C/y.[for more about where the carbon is locked up on land, look at soil54]This diagram shows the latest figures (after Holmen, 2000) with residence times and today's atmospheric carbon at 700Gt.The land has been split in two compartments and the oceans in three.As temperature rises, so does the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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