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Should the bill pass, Nevada will be able to work together with other states to provide online poker.Assembly Bill 5 is expected to be heard after the legislative session begins on Feb. Nevada and Delaware are the only two states to approve online poker in the U.

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Coming off his first World Series of Poker Player of the Year award in 2008, Lindgren was virtually printing money at the tables, and earning even more as an owner and sponsored professional of Full Tilt Poker.Lindgren filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year, and paying his bills has been difficult since last February.Said Lindgren, “I owed people a bunch of money, and it’s something that I’ve been working on for a long time, but I definitely slipped up, made some really bad mistakes and I needed to address that.” Bluff's feature piece on Lindgren is definitely worth a read. Sin City Rules, a reality TV show featuring one poker pro Jennifer Harman, is only five episodes in, but is already rumored to have been cancelled by TLC. The network will also reportedly fulfill previous overseas syndication deals for the first season (eight episodes) in its entirety.Last month, the New Jersey state legislature passed a law legalizing online gaming and the bill is now waiting to be signed by Gov. For more, check out the story at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.Congratulations are in order to Team Poker Stars Pro Vanessa Selbst, who recently got engaged to longtime girlfriend Miranda Forster.Lederer claimed that Lindgren received a double-credited loan from Full Tilt Poker by mistake, and Lindgren kept the extra million despite Lederer's efforts to retrieve the money.

Lindgren had been silent regarding his outstanding debts until he spoke with Bluff Magazine last month.However, after Black Friday, several flaws in Lindgren's "All-American" image were exposed.In March 2012, Max "$kill Game" Weinberg started a thread at Two Plus Two.com, which outed Lindgren for welching on fantasy football bets.The rumored cancellation came from two of the cast members who said they were informed of the show's fate from the network.However, neither TLC nor the production company (Evolution Media) has made an official announcement.From there, many others came forward with similar accusations, and it was becoming clear that "E-Dog" had a serious gambling problem.