Who is grace hightower dating

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During this battle, Hightower accused him of drug and alcohol use, while De Niro accused her of fracturing one of his ribs.

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The couple signed a custody agreement in 2001, stating that he could only visit his son three times a week.She didn’t realize that he was a celebrity until she told a co-worker about him. Hightower was 42 when she gave birth to their first child.Grace Hightower once described their early relationship by saying, “It was an ease-in.From the previous relationship of Diahnne, she had a daughter named Drena whose biological father is still unknown.De Niro adopted her young 5 years old daughter after their [email protected]_coffee A post shared by Coffee of Grace (@coffeeofgrace) on Unfortunately, the ease of their dating life fizzled out as they got married.

The early years of their marriage were constantly seen in tabloids, especially after De Niro filed for divorce in 1999.

It wasn’t a whirlwind.” Grace is so honored to be a part of this year's Ernesto Illy International Award!

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Diahnne and Robert have a son together named Raphael De Niro.

Their son works in New York real estate and has earlier appeared as an actor in few movies.

The 72-aged Robert was honored with Entertainment Icon Award.